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... one and all to pixar_icons, an icon sharing community dedicated to all things Pixar. Feel free to join and contribute to this community if you'd like to!

1) Please post 100 x 100 icons, NO sizes bigger or smaller.

2) Other graphics such as colorbars and banners are also allowed, but they have to also be attached to your icon post, otherwise you won't be able to post it.

3) Please make sure that all your graphics are Pixar related. Any non-Pixar/Disney related icons will be immediately deleted, seeing as this is a Pixar icon community. Please try to keep all posts on topic.

4) No more than three icon previews should be viewable on your post. Otherwise, please keep all of your other icons under an LJ cut.

5) Please NO flaming or trolling. I ask everyone to PLEASE be civil and treat all members of the community with respect, otherwise you WILL be banned. Bashing and harassing aren't tolerated and are also prohibited. We're all adults here and I expect everyone to act like one and be mature.

6) You are allowed to promote other LJ communities if you'd like to, but they NEED to be either Pixar or Disney related. Otherwise, I won't allow it and your off-topic posts will immediately be deleted.

lovetangle - Disney's Tangled (Rapunzel) community

If you'd like to request to be affiliates, feel free to PM me @ danachii.

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